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Commercial & Industrial Solar: Building Your Business One Kilowatt at a Time

For years, businesses have mitigated rising energy costs through initiatives to manage procurement (through rate analysis and competitive supply) and usage (through energy efficiency, demand management, and demand response). Recently, the commercial sector has added distributed generation—primarily solar—to the mix to reduce costs and increase the use of renewable energy.

“It’s great to be able to do something so incredibly useful and green with the space on our rooftop, saving money on our electric bill is a bonus. We wanted to work with U.S.-based companies and use U.S.-made parts. We’re very pleased we were able to do that.”

Ken Baker, CEO, New Age Industries

Investing in Commercial Solar Energy Systems

Now, with the available market mechanisms and economics of solar, California, Massachusetts and New York businesses can take full control of their energy supply using a breadth of solar solutions. Not only can businesses push down costs, they can also choose to buy, lease, rent or pay as they go, and even incorporate solar generation as a revenue-generating asset.

Companies that invest in solar by either purchasing the power or the solar asset itself, are getting ahead of the inevitable transition our economy is making to renewable energy. To reap the rewards of solar energy, companies require well-developed solar installations or solutions for purchasing power that meet their financial objectives, while also minimizing risks from an asset that might not be core to their businesses. For example, manufacturers that devote a large portion of their operating budget to power, can implement energy efficiency measures to reduce some of their overall energy consumption and install solar to eliminate the rest.

Borrego Solar Offers Turnkey Commercial and Industrial Solar Power Systems

With over 35 years of experience in the commercial and industrial (C&I) solar field, Borrego Solar delivers expert solar photovoltaic (PV) design, engineering, procurement, installation, and O&M services to businesses in California, New York and Massachusetts.

“During the feasibility, design, construction and commissioning stages, we found Borrego to be a stellar contractor. We would recommend Borrego Solar to any commercial facility considering going solar.”

Greg Koch, CEO, Stone Brewing Co

We can help you:

  • Evaluate options quickly and efficiently, using your own metrics for success and build a business case for solar projects that meet your goals. Either:
    • Purchasing power at a fixed low rate for 10-20 years without the upfront investment in the solar equipment
    • Investing in a solar installation to own and operate for 25+ years
  • Identify and secure financing that best fits your company’s capital structure and credit position.
  • Design a system within the bounds of business and physical requirements.
  • Bid on and procure the best combination of technologies for the project including the most cost-effective commercial solar panels.
  • Construct solutions to meet your, and your market’s, timelines with minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Operate, monitor, and maintain your solar installations ensuring delivery of the expected benefits for the life of the equipment.

The most successful companies recognize that maintaining their competitive edge requires evaluating their energy options. They understand that by doing nothing, they’re making an unlikely bet that utility energy will be more cost-effective than solar energy in the long term.

To determine whether solar is the best choice for your CA, NY or MA business, contact us.

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