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As the Solar Industry Matures, So Does Our Ability to Identify More Opportunities for Ground-Mounted Projects

Commercial-Scale Solar Mounting Systems

Innovations in technology, solar-friendly utility programs and the maturation of the industry continue to open up more opportunities to develop commercial-scale solar energy projects. Customers can decide between a ground-mounted and roof-mounted system depending on a wide range of energy management goals, constraints, and market dynamics. Ground-mounted solar projects aren’t limited by the size or the condition of a roof, but rather offer solar customers the ability to build a solar energy system optimized for their energy needs or investment appetites.

We bring large-scale solar to C&I (commercial and industrial) businesses and institutions in California, New York, and Massachusetts. We do it all—from the ground, to your roof, or elevated above your parking lot. Borrego Solar also partners with utilities and independent power producers (IPP) throughout the U.S. that require multi-megawatt (MW) solar solutions.

“Bringing a solar project to the College has long been a goal of our Board of Trustees. This is a clean energy project that will pay for itself, and provide a return on investment that is important to the future stability and sustainability of this college. We are thrilled that it is good for the environment, and will help us to be more self-sufficient.”

Deborah DiThomas, Superintendent/ President, Barstow Community College District

Expert Site Analysis for Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

When considering whether a ground-mounted solar array is the right option for you, Borrego Solar evaluates several factors. Primarily, we want to understand your goals for investing in solar, as there are multiple options in today’s market and sometimes more than one path to meeting those goals. From landfills and brownfields to unused school land, ground mounts can turn idle acreage into a revenue-producing asset.

Once we know the ideal location for your solar farm, our engineers will evaluate the potential site and identify any constraints, such as

  • soil properties,
  • seismic zone classification,
  • plot size,
  • grading,
  • landscape,
  • necessary environmental reviews,
  • accessibility, and
  • proximity to the nearest point of utility interconnection.

Our engineering team has completed mid to utility-scale projects from fixed-tilt roof mounts to more complex tracking solutions from coast to coast.

Experienced Solar Energy Solutions

Borrego Solar has installed more than 200 MW of ground-mount solar photovoltaic (PV) systems throughout the U.S. We use solar panel technology from a variety of tier 1 racking, module, and inverter providers—whatever is optimal for the system design and economics. Our team of professional civil, electrical, structural, and applications engineers is behind each of our projects, from the design stage through to interconnection (and longer if we handle the operations and maintenance of the system). So you can trust that your system is delivering the best economics and is optimized for long-term production of renewable energy.

To schedule a site visit to assess its feasibility for solar or talk to someone on our development team, contact us.

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