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Solar Tracking: When Space is at a Premium

Solar Tracking Mounts

One component of designing a large megawatt solar tracking system is determining whether to use single-axis or dual-axis trackers, as opposed to a fixed-tilt racking solution. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on project economics, location, site size, and various other factors. When designing a solar array, Borrego Solar’s engineers and project developers will consider both your primary project goals and the site’s constraints before recommending the best technological solution for your organization.

Trackers are photovoltaic (PV) racks affixed with motors that move strings of panels slowly over the course of the day to follow, or track, the sun as it rises and sets. By tracking the trajectory of the sun, the solar modules will have a lengthier peak production time, with a faster ramp up in the morning and ramp down in the evening, significantly increasing each panel’s overall daily generation (kWhs).

Benefits of Single-Axis and Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Systems

There are two main types of trackers: single-axis and dual-axis. Single-axis trackers have one point of rotation, which usually aligns with a north-south path. With fewer moving parts, single-axis trackers generally cost less and require less maintenance. Dual-axis trackers offer more flexibility, allowing the panels to move on two axes.

“Bringing a solar project to the College has long been a goal of our Board of Trustees. This is a clean energy project that will pay for itself, and provide a return on investment that is important to the future stability and sustainability of this college. We are thrilled that it is good for the environment, and will help us to be more self-sufficient.”

Deborah DiThomas, Superintendent/ President, Barstow Community College District

Maximize Your Solar ROI

Choosing which solar racking solution to deploy comes down to its specific application and your desired ROI. Our team will create multiple models to help you decide which path will work best for you.

To find out more about how we can design a single-axis or dual-axis solar tracking system to maximize your solar energy production, contact us.

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