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Takeaways From our Biggest Company Summit Yet

Borrego Solar Company Culture Insight This past May in San Diego, Borrego gathered its more…

Borrego Perspectives
Jul 17

The Women of Borrego Solar: Q&A with Joanie Brooke, Regional Operations Director for Northern California

Our California team recently celebrated a big success of bringing 11 MW of solar online…

Borrego Perspectives
Jun 27

The Women of Borrego Solar: Q&A with Mel Samaroo, Civil Engineer II

While the solar industry is creating jobs nearly 20 times faster than the overall economy,…

Borrego Perspectives
Apr 25

Creating a Brighter Future for our Children with Solar

Putting solar on schools bring benefits beyond cost savings and carbon reduction – it shows…

Going Solar
Apr 16

Best Practices for Bringing Solar to Your Airport

Given airports’ busy operations and ample parking lot, roof, and occasionally open land, solar is…

Going Solar
Apr 3

Silver Linings on the Clouds Above U.S. Solar

Why 2018 remains a good year for U.S. solar and how San Diego will serve…

Energy Storage
Going Solar
Mar 21

Food Processors Can Go Solar with Low-Cost Farm Leases

Food processing companies should consider utilizing farm credit leasing options if they’re considering financing a…

Feb 7

Best Markets for Commercial Energy Storage Savings

Recent years have seen massive price declines in battery technology coupled with generous incentive programs…

Energy Storage
Jan 22

Borrego Solar’s Rob Garrity Elected President of NYSEIA

Rob Garrity, a long-time solar advocate and industry veteran, has led the development of 53.6…

Borrego Perspectives
Nov 27

Putting Money Behind Customer-Sited Energy Storage: CA’s SGIP Incentive Program

Thanks to the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), many more Californians can now access the benefits…

Energy Storage
Oct 17

How Do Our Kids See Solar?

Nine-year-old Hayden and six-year-old Rhys Anderson are growing up in an off-grid house in New…

Borrego Perspectives
Apr 14

Every Landfill Owner Should Consider Solar

The number of active municipal solid waste landfills across the country have been falling over…

Going Solar
Feb 9

Infographic: 3 Main Costs of a Commercial Solar Energy System

All solar firms are focused on driving down the cost of an installed solar energy…

Going Solar
Jan 25

Our Solar Veterans Club Speaks Out

The solar industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past ten years. Here…

Borrego Perspectives
Dec 6

Five Biggest Pitfalls of Evaluating a Solar Proposal

While there are a multitude of benefits enjoyed by going solar, energy cost savings continues…

Going Solar
Aug 16

Responding to System Issues: Interview with O&M Director Phillip Stephenson

We asked Borrego Solar’s director of O&M, Phillip Stephenson, to define the gold standard in…

Going Solar
Aug 3

Can Solar Bonds Fund Your Solar Panel Project?

Municipalities and other public entities may find that issuing bonds is the best way to…

Jun 7

New York: Eight Ways to Tell if Your Site is Right for Solar

Thanks to remote net metering (RNM), New Yorkers are able to reap the energy saving…

Property Owners
Jun 2

Spread the Solar Love with RES-BCT

We’ve mentioned California’s RES-BCT program, which stands for Renewable Energy Self-Generation Bill Credit Transfer, several…

Solar Programs
May 3

NYSERDA - Megawatt Block Program

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is offering generous incentives to…

Solar Programs
Apr 26

Monetary & Volumetric Crediting

Before June 1, 2015 the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) credited solar generators for…

Solar Programs
Feb 16

Solar Energy for Schools

Promote School Financial Stability with Solar Energy Private and public schools have found that working…

Going Solar
Feb 12

Solar for Water Districts

Both rural and metropolitan water districts and authorities across the country can benefit from significant…

Going Solar
Jan 19

The Highway to Solar is Open for Public Entities in California

California’s solar market, with the help of the industry and solar-friendly policies, is fostering megawatt-scale…

Going Solar
Solar Programs
Jan 14

Speaking the Solar Language

Our goal is to ensure our customers have the tools they need to make educated…

Going Solar
Jan 6

I Looked at Solar a Few Years Ago, What's Changed?

One of the most common things we hear when first speaking with energy managers at…

Going Solar
Nov 10

Solar & Storage: Better Together?

If you’ve been following any of the energy industry press lately, you’ve no doubt seen…

Energy Storage
Oct 10

How Solar Can Reduce Your Risks of Rising Energy Costs

Commercial solar projects are typically analyzed through a variety of financial metrics including net present…

Going Solar
Sep 26

Five Tips to Winning Support for Solar

By now, you’re probably well aware that solar is spreading. Maybe you’ve installed a system…

Going Solar
Sep 24

Part I: The Crucial Fourth Piece of Energy Management

At this year’s Energy Smart conference, I had the opportunity to present to the people…

Going Solar
Aug 18

Why Shouldn't U.S. Manufacturers Wait to Go Solar?

Last year, the U.S. commercial sector installed just over 1 gigawatt of solar capacity. This…

Going Solar
Aug 5

Community Solar Programs

Q&A with Ilan Gutherz, Senior Director of Policy & Business Development Over the past few…

Solar Programs
Jul 16

America’s Top Executives Have Solar on Their Minds

America’s most recognizable brands are leading the way in corporate solar adoption. Top companies such…

Going Solar
May 23

Five Solar & Storage Policies that California Commercial Energy Users Need to Know About

California’s commercial energy users have many options to reduce their utility bills by installing solar…

Solar Programs
Apr 12

Five California Public Sector Solar Programs You Should Know About

It’s easy to see why California’s public sector has been at the forefront of solar…

Solar Programs
Mar 31

Solar Financing for Places of Worship

A new financing product supported by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Program, improves upon…

Mar 6

Going Solar in Illinois

A solar energy boom is coming to Illinois and it’s bringing new opportunities for companies…

Solar Programs
Jan 31

California's Net Energy Metering 2.0 Program Explained

In January 2016, California regulators voted to extend Net Energy Metering (NEM) in its current…

Solar Programs
Nov 20

Corporate Procurement Options

Solar has come full circle. At least it appears that way after listening to some…

Going Solar
Oct 12

Massachusetts Extends SREC 2 Solar Incentive Program For Now

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) announced plans to extend its SREC 2 program…

Solar Programs
Mar 24

California Schools Get an A+ in Solar

California schools—from K-12 districts to universities—have consistently shown that going solar for schools is feasible…

Going Solar
Feb 7

How to Think About Energy Storage and Solar

The Value of Energy Storage is on the Rise In 2014, 65MW of energy storage…

Energy Storage
Nov 17

How Landowners Protect Themselves in Solar Land Leases

In states that allow remote net energy metering, like New York, solar developers are searching…

Property Owners
Aug 12

Preparing for a Site Walk: Interview with Project Developer Cameron Thorne

One of Borrego Solar’s most experienced project developers, Cameron Thorne, answers our questions about how…

Going Solar
Aug 3

Boots on the Ground: Interview with Site Superintendent Loren O’Hara

We sat down with Borrego Solar’s most experienced site superintendent, Loren O’Hara, to get insight…

Going Solar
Jun 8

Solar Energy Lesson Plans

Borrego Solar is committed to developing the next generation of renewable energy leaders, and thinks…

Going Solar
May 24

Selecting a Solar Maintenance Provider—A Checklist

Once a solar power plant begins operation, identifying the best solar maintenance provider is critical.…

Operations and Maintenance
May 6

Solar Financing You May Not Know About

Over the last few months we’ve heard from several large-scale energy users in both the…

Apr 28

GTM Research Identifies Borrego Solar as Leading Commercial Solar Installer in New York

We’re proud to highlight the fact that in our first few years of entering the New…

Borrego Perspectives
Apr 7

Winners of the PV Project of Distinction Award

Today at the PV America conference in Boston organized by SEIA and SEPA, two standout…

Borrego Perspectives
Feb 24

Airport Solar Projects

Airport Solar Projects Produce Long-Term Financial Returns Maintaining airport viability requires shrewd decisions such as…

Going Solar
Feb 15

A Tenant Above All Others

The ideal tenant pays rent on time, signs a long lease term, requires no tenant…

Property Owners
Feb 5

Solar for Apartments and Condominiums in CA, MA and NY

Tapping into clean renewable energy is easier than ever and often qualifies owners for utility…

Property Owners
Jan 18

Like Snowflakes, No Two PPAs are Alike

By now, you’ve made the decision to go solar. You know it’s a low-risk technology…

Jan 8

The No-BS Guide to a Solar RFP

I have a confession to make. My marketing team’s “Solar RFP Best Practices Guide” is intended to…

Going Solar
Oct 15

In Solar, Size Does Matter

During the first quarter of 2015, Borrego Solar rose one spot to No. 2 in…

Borrego Perspectives
Going Solar
Sep 28

The Renewable Power Potential of California’s Urban Areas

Developing massive large-scale solar farms on open land comes with the good and the not-so-good.…

Borrego Perspectives
Property Owners
Sep 25

Part II: The Crucial Fourth Piece of Energy Management

This is the second part to my previous post about integrating the crucial fourth piece…

Going Solar
Aug 20
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