How commercial rooftop solar installations benefit businesses

Rooftop solar is an ideal solution for commercial buildings because it generates revenue from previously unused space. Depending on how a building is owned and occupied, there’s either revenue in the form of utility savings or by leasing the roof just as they would any other space in the building.

And solar panel roof mounts are installed in built environments. This means that commercial rooftop solar projects can avoid some of the permitting and underground construction often needed for ground mounted solar or solar carports.

In this video, you’ll learn from some of our expert team of developers and solar EPC professionals as they explain how we lead customers through the process of installing solar rooftop systems to their commercial properties.

Solar energy options for commercial buildings

Our customers frequently come to us looking for a particular energy output to offset what their building is consuming. Often they will even have specific solar panels or solar panel mounting systems in mind. We will assess the site and the available roof space, and calculate the right sized solar system for their needs.

Generate revenue from commercial solar lease programs

Once we’ve estimated the cost to construct the system, we match that up with PV production model estimates. We also factor in solar and renewable energy incentive programs, which enables us to determine the lease rate for the available roof space. 

Turnkey Commercial Solar Systems 

Borrego Solar handles everything related to a commercial rooftop solar project — from  development, design, and permitting, to commercial financing, construction, and solar maintenance. We determine whether a site is feasible from a construction and engineering standpoint, as well as the incentive structure for that region makes sense for the project we hope to design. We do a site walk with the land owner to see what makes sense, and ensure that won’t interrupt their day to day activities. Then we custom-design and engineer the system to get the most value from each solar rooftop project. 

Working with the Utilities

With each commercial solar project, we establish a cadence of communication with the utilities — a weekly or biweekly call to talk through every project to anticipate any issues we may encounter. We talk regularly with utilities and stakeholders to ensure our process always results in trust and transparency. 

Experience Pays Off

As an industry leader in commercial solar installation, Borrego Solar has decades of experience designing, building, and operating onsite rooftop solar systems for business and corporations. As a mission driven company, our goal is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. Our team is passionate about working on one of the most pressing issues of our time while delivering the highest quality solar projects — at the lowest possible cost with the shortest lead times.  

Enjoy the video!

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