Corporate Benefits of Solar & Energy Storage — It's Not Just About Electricity

America’s most recognizable brands are investing in and realizing the benefits of solar and energy storage. Corporate solar adoption is more than 20 times larger than it was a decade ago.

And there has been a surge in corporate sustainability initiatives that aim to generate clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, businesses that adopt science-based sustainability targets benefit from a growth in profits, improved brand recognition, and increased competitive advantage, just to name a few.

According to new research, there are more benefits of solar & energy storage for businesses than any other sources of energy. And it’s not just about saving money on their electricity bill.

Compared to conventional energy, solar and energy storage provide companies with:

  1. Energy cost savings
  2. Reduced uncertainty
  3. Innovation and expansion
  4. Improved brand reputation
  5. Competitive advantage

Together, these make a strong business case for solar, energy storage, and solar-plus-storage. And companies that are sitting on the renewable energy sidelines may be missing out on these benefits and losing competitive advantage.

For more data on how much companies are benefitting from sustainability and solar and energy storage, download our new white paper.

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