Infographic: 3 Main Costs of a Commercial Solar Energy System

All solar firms are focused on driving down the cost of an installed solar energy system for their customers. The effort to reduce costs and deliver the best value has even led some firms to face financial upset, be forced to lay off employees and/or fail altogether.

The good news is that the firms successful in cutting costs by building more efficient solar installations, eliminating waste in work flows and reducing transaction costs with project partners, among other improvements, continue to offer increasingly more cost-effective solar installations in a sustainable way.

In many markets, solar is now competitive with conventional energy prices without subsidies. The industry still has work to do—especially when it comes to labor costs—given that it continues to be one of the largest cost contributors and has declined in cost more slowly than materials. The Borrego Solar team is committed to working with its partners and improving its internal operations to become a leaner, meaner, solar-building machine.

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