Solar Energy Lesson Plans

Borrego Solar is committed to developing the next generation of renewable energy leaders, and thinks the best way to do that is to engage students with entertaining, hands-on curriculum that incorporates their local solar installation and data. Developed in partnership with Real Curriculum, our Solar Schools program is a series of lesson plans that can be independently incorporated into existing STEM curriculum.

Borrego Solar provides this supplemental curricula to educators with the hope our next generation will continue to refine a clean energy future.

To achieve this goal we worked with the solar energy lesson plan development team at Real Curriculum to publish three separate solar energy lesson plans for primary, intermediate and secondary grade levels. Most lessons incorporate energy production data from an individual school’s respective solar electric system, but schools without a solar installation can still use these solar energy lesson plans.

Key components of our solar energy lesson plans:

  • Applicable for all grade levels, K-12
  • Uses real data streaming live from your school’s solar system
  • Can be combined with a solar kit for building a mock solar electric system (additional costs may apply)
  • All lessons are aligned with state regulated supplemental curricula standards
  • Teachers at customer districts can receive professional development training to smoothly incorporate lessons plans into the classroom.
New Haven Unified School District

To support the educational program, Borrego Solar is also capable of working with student leaders and IT resources to integrate real-time data directly into the school’s or district’s website and provide guest speakers to participate in assemblies and/or events within the greater community.

Our mission is to assist schools in promoting their sustainability goals and efforts to their students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and surrounding community members.

We’re here to help in whatever way possible and are open to finding innovative ways to educate and promote a healthier school environment.

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