Solar Energy System on Town of Easton's Landfill

Borrego Solar joined the town of Easton, Massachusetts, on April 30, 2014 to celebrate the installation of a 1.9MW solar energy solution on the town’s former landfill.

Financed by Borrego Solar through a power purchase agreement (PPA) that covered all upfront costs, the project will save the town approximately $185,000 annually and nearly $4.5 million over the course of the 20-year contract.

The installation, which will produce the equivalent of the power consumed by 235 homes in one year, is part of Easton’s overall commitment to sustainability. As a designated Massachusetts Green Community, Easton has implemented numerous energy efficiency initiatives such as LED lighting retrofits and thermostat controls within public buildings, and is currently installing LED streetlights and insulated garage doors on Department of Public Works buildings and fire stations.

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