What Our Customers Say About Going Solar

Our conversations with customers considering solar usually start with concerns around cost, how it will benefit them and why they should select us for such a big project. These are the first and most important questions to ask, and from there we move onto concerns about logistics, contracts and timelines.

Outlining the costs, energy savings and environmental benefits is easily done with a model and a spreadsheet. However it can be a challenge to explain why a school district or business should work with us vs another vendor. We talk about our commitment to excellence, our nearly four decades of experience and all the successful projects we’ve interconnected in various utility load zones, but until they’ve gone through the project and we’ve proven to be the right partner, they’re putting some amount of faith in us, or any contractor, to deliver.

So who better to paint a clear picture of the type of partner we are, and the benefits of solar, than some of our existing Massachusetts, California and New York customers.

Hear what they had to say about their reasons for going solar and what the experience they had with the Borrego Solar team was like.

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