California Commercial Solar Design, Installation, Financing & Maintenance

Borrego Solar has completed over 100 megawatts (MW) of commercial solar projects in California, and we have another 60MW in various stages of design and construction. We have successfully completed projects throughout the state, and worked with all of the major utility companies.

Borrego Solar is unique in that we have been providing solar solutions in California since 1980, making us one of the most experienced and trusted providers in the industry.

We are grateful to Borrego Solar, the PPA provider and Kyocera Solar for their assistance in helping make the solar energy aspect of this project a reality. Borrego’s experience and expertise will allow us to quickly activate the system and maximize its efficiency, and PPA provided us with a creative financing solution that fits our needs.”

David Weil, Assistant Director of Facilities Management, University of California San Diego

Our California solar customers include:

  • Anaheim Convention Center, 2.4MW
  • Apple Inc Corporate Offices, 756kW
  • Barstow Community College District, 885kW
  • Coast Citrus Distributors, 1.6MW
  • Edwards Air Force Base, 3.4MW
  • Madera Community Hospital, Madera 1.14MW
  • San Diego County Water Authority, 1.73MW
  • San Diego International Airport, 5.5 MW
  • Santa Clara County Health Centers, 1.14MW
  • Southern California Edison, 12MW
  • University of California San Diego, 1.2MW
  • Warner Bros. Studios, 652kW

Solar services we provide in California

We offer a full suite of solar services to public sector and corporate customers throughout the state. We provide EPC, PPA and O&M services either as a bundled package or on a stand-alone basis.

We also help commercial and public-sector energy users in California incorporate battery storage solutions into their buildings, to reduce demand charges and take advantage of time-of-use (TOU) energy pricing.

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