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Borrego’s customers are leading technology, biotechnology, manufacturing, food & beverage producers, and retail companies. What unifies them is their need to minimize disruptions to their day-to-day operations while achieving the project returns they expect. Borrego Solar is their chosen commercial solar and energy storage provider to navigate their complex business operations and project details so they don’t have to.

Businesses can save on energy costs with energy storage by offsetting demand charges and with Time of Use arbitrage. Corporations choose Borrego Solar for their energy storage needs because we have the most in-depth technical distributed energy experience compared to any other storage company in the market offering the lowest risk solutions.

Borrego Solar installs economically attractive on-site solar to meet customer’s financial and environmental goals in the space available, which includes ground, roof-top, parking lot or parking garage systems. Our design & construction teams are savvy problem solvers with all of these applications and have unique experience with portfolios and corporate campuses and meter aggregation opportunities.

“During the feasibility, design, construction and commissioning stages, we found Borrego to be a stellar contractor. We would recommend Borrego Solar to any commercial facility considering going solar.”
Isabel Freeland Chief Financial Officer, Coast Citrus Distributors



Engineering and Construction

We’re a technology-agnostic commercial solar and energy storage company, so you get solutions that make the most of your geographic, technical, and financial specifications.

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PPAs and COMMERCIAL Solar Financing

As a top commercial solar company, we have successfully financed more than $1 billion dollars worth of commercial-scale Power Purchase Agreements, operating leases, and Property Assessed Clean Energy financing.

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Solar Operations and Maintenance

With more than 40 years of solar engineering and construction and more than 700MW of utility-scale and commercial solar installations nationwide, we ensure solar asset owners get the most power generation from their systems.

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