Cultivate potential with tracker or fixed ground-mount commercial solar farms

Ground-mounted solar arrays are the most affordable solar system type if your site has unconstrained space and provide the most solar energy production.

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Tracker Solar System Benefits & Use Cases

Single-axis trackers are the most economical system type for unconstrained, flat land sites. Because the tracker rotates with the sun, this system type produces the most energy.

Fixed Ground-Mount Solar System Benefits & Use Cases

Fixed-tilt ground-mount systems are typically used for sites that are sloped or if the space is constrained so that a tracker system would have inter-row shading. Ballasted, fixed-tilt systems are used on our landfill and brownfield sites in addition.

“Houghton College put unused land to work by installing one of the largest solar arrays ever implemented at the time on a New York college campus, saving the school $4.3 million in energy costs.”

—”Brian Webb, Sustainability Coordinator, Houghton College”



Engineering and Construction

We're a technology-agnostic commercial solar and energy storage company, so you get solutions that make the most of your geographic, technical, and financial specifications.
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PPAs and COMMERCIAL Solar Financing

As a top commercial solar company, we have successfully financed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of commercial-scale Power Purchase Agreements, operating leases, and Property Assessed Clean Energy financing.
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Solar Operations and Maintenance

With more than 40 years of solar engineering and construction and 600MW of utility-scale and commercial solar installations nationwide, we ensure solar asset owners get the most power generation from their systems.
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