Freetown & Dartmouth, MA

High Hill Road/Purchase Street/Braley Road


Borrego Solar’s Project Developers work with large commercial customers in a variety of ways. One of Massachusetts’ manufacturers was looking for a way to reduce its energy costs–the largest single budgetary line item after employee compensation–but they didn’t have enough land or rooftop space to host their own solar project. Thanks to the flexibility of the state’s virtual net metering laws, which have led to multiple megawatts of solar capacity being installed, Borrego Solar was able to solve the problem by sourcing other locations to host the solar installation.


The specific commercial manufacturer, or energy off-taker, lacked the land or facilities to host its own solar power installation. As a result, over six megawatts of solar capacity were installed across three other sites throughout Massachusetts in the cities of Freetown, Carver, and Dartmouth. Each site contains 1-3 MW DC of solar capacity atop fixed-tilt ground-mounted technologies. Through virtual net-metering, Borrego Solar was able to develop solar projects with a third-party landowner and arrange to have the energy “wheeled” to the energy off-taker, circumventing the need to put solar up on owner-occupied properties.


Under the terms of the power purchase agreement, Borrego Solar secured financing for, designed, and constructed the three ground-mounted systems, and will maintain and operate them over the 20-year contract term. In return, the private manufacturing customer will receive energy credits for the solar energy produced at the three sites and see hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy savings each year, all without the upfront capital risk.

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