Cultivate THE Potential OF YOUR LAND with Solar Tracker or Fixed Tilt Ground Mount Solar Systems

For property owners who have available land, ground-mounted solar arrays offer the greatest potential for generating large amounts of energy because of their overall system size. With decades of experience, we have engineered and installed more than 400 megawatts of ground mounted solar systems in a wide variety of project sites. Depending on the requirements of each site, we use single-axis trackers, which rotate to follow the sun, or fix-tilt solar systems. For landfill and brownfield locations, we use ballasted, fixed-tilt systems to create revenue from land that’s not usable for other purposes.

When we design & build a ground mount solar project, we minimize risk and deliver value. We use our expertise to improve the profitability of your projects and transparently communicate risk elements early in every project to address them. Click here find out more about what sets Borrego Solar apart from other EPCs.

“Houghton College put unused land to work by installing one of the largest solar arrays ever implemented at the time on a New York college campus, saving the school $4.3 million in energy costs.”
Brian Webb, Sustainability Coordinator, Houghton College

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our leading approach to solar farms

Borrego Solar brings together all the expertise necessary to develop and build ground mounted solar farms — from responsible land development straight through to construction and energy production. Our job as land developers is to identify the right parcels of land suitable for utility scale solar power projects. We then work with landowners to help them understand the best terms we can offer for their land lease.


Single-axis trackers are the most economical system type for unconstrained, flat land sites. Because the tracker rotates with the sun, this system type produces the most energy.


Fixed-tilt ground-mount systems are typically used for sites that are sloped or if the space is constrained so that a tracker system would have inter-row shading. Ballasted, fixed-tilt systems are used on our landfill and brownfield sites in addition.

End-to-End Solar & Energy Storage Services

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

As your long-term EPC partner, we proactively identify risks early in the project cycle, and draw on our deep experience to optimize system designs and improve project profitability.

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Commercial Solar
Financing & PPAs

We have successfully financed more than $1 billion dollars in PPAs, PACE loans, and operating leases. Our strong relationships with financing partners provide your organization the best options.

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Operations &

Our O&M team specializes in preventative & reactive maintenance, performance monitoring & special projects. We manage a portfolio of nearly 900MW, no matter who built the original project.

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