Leasing land for solar or energy storage provides landowners with long-term lease income.

Landowners can earn long-term lease income for each acre of land that is available for solar farm projects, often through community solar programs. We handle everything — from assessing your site and providing lease rates, to permitting, environmental studies, and interconnection. And we pair your project with trusted investors, focusing on the right fit for each long-term lease relationship. Through each step of the land lease process, we make sure your needs are met.

First things first, our developers can assess your site for solar or energy storage and provide lease rates and agreement details.

“We’ve occupied our land for 21 years this year and when the opportunity came up to lease it for solar, I saw a great way to get a great return with little or no effort on my part. It makes life a lot easier when you don’t have to dig into your life savings to fulfill a dream that you’ve had for years. This is a way to finance that without having to go to the bank. Anytime you can produce energy that’s clean and renewable with little or no impact on the environment, everybody wins. That’s what Borrego does.”
John Millet, landowner and host to Gore Mountain Ski Resorts solar array

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why lease land for solar?

As states establish new renewable energy goals and incentives, there’s a growing opportunity for landowners and commercial property owners to lease their land or rooftops for solar. Through solar land leases, landowners can create decades of long-term income — a financial legacy for your family and your land. Whether you have a portfolio of properties or a single site, we work with you to identify unused land and expansive rooftops ideal for leasing to a system owner.


Borrego Solar has been developing successful solar farm projects for decades. We’ve worked with hundreds of landowners and property owners in New York, Massachusetts, other New England areas, the Midwest, and California. We work closely with local communities to ensure smooth permitting, entitlement, and interconnection — whether the projects are for shared community solar or utility scale solar for corporate energy users.

Trust and transparency

We believe in cultivating solid, honest relationships with community representatives, local utilities, neighbors, and permitting authorities. And as a family-owned and operated company, we understand the importance to our customers of making thoughtful and careful choices for their land.

innovative land use

Put fallow, arid, or unproductive land to great use by generating and storing clean, pollution-free electricity. You can benefit from decades of a predictable, continuous income stream — while also using your land to create a safe space for grazing, bee-friendly pollinator habitats, and soil-enriching native grasses.


As an industry leading solar and energy storage developer, we know what it takes to deliver a successful project. Our careful and early due diligence with the utility and local permitting authorities minimizes wasted time and effort. We consider any challenges and risks at the start of any project, and work closely with all stakeholders to address all the variables so the project can proceed.

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