Massachusetts Commercial Solar Design, Installation, Financing & Maintenance

Borrego Solar expanded to Massachusetts in 2007, prior to the creation of the first SREC program. Since that time we have completed more than 210 megawatts (MW) making us the largest and most experienced commercial solar provider in the state.

“We’re excited to be working with Borrego Solar to bring new clean energy generation to our state. We are committed to making advances in solar connectivity and to increase the amount of renewable energy we provide. This initiative will have a broad impact on the way our communities think about, and use, solar power for years to come.”

Edward White, Vice President of Customer & Business Strategy, National Grid

Our Massachusetts solar customers include:

  • Worcester’s Greenwood Landfill, 8.1MW
  • Town of Dartmouth Landfill, 1.3MW
  • Easthampton Landfill, 2.3MW
  • Harvard University, 592kW
  • Hopkinton School District, 324kW
  • National Grid, 12.8MW
  • City of North Adams, 3.5MW
  • Palmer Metropolitan Airfield, 6MW
  • Plymouth Public School District, 10.2MW
  • University of Massachusetts, 17MW

Solar services we provide in Massachusetts

Borrego Solar is among the most active developers of solar projects in Massachusetts. Our development team partners with land and building owners to engineer and construct profitable solar projects. These projects generate clean electricity that can be sold to public-sector, corporate and community solar customers.

In addition, Borrego Solar is the largest and most experienced provider of EPC and O&M services. We can offer these to customers either as a bundled package or on a stand-alone basis.

Lastly, with the launch of our energy storage business we are now able to help utilities, corporations, and public-sector entities in Massachusetts utilize battery storage solutions to reduce demand charges and take advantage of time of use energy pricing.

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