Matt Swansburg

Project Developer

Mr. Matt Swansburg is a project developer for Borrego Solar and is based out of the company’s regional headquarters in Lowell, Massachusetts. As a project developer specializing in rooftop solar energy systems, Matt’s focus is to help building owners throughout New England monetize their available roof space through the development of solar PV energy solutions. In addition to working with building owners, he works with affordable housing developers, public housing authorities, and municipalities on the purchase of net-metering credits that will reduce and stabilize their respective energy costs for the long term. Matt’s been in the solar industry since 2012 and prior to joining the Borrego Solar team, he developed an energy management platform that used energy efficiency, solar thermal and/or rooftop solar PV systems to reduce energy costs for public sector, commercial and industrial customers. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in finance from Hofstra University and has always had an interest in helping reduce the US’s reliance on fossil fuels.