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Energy Storage Systems for Commercial & Utility Customers

There are a number of ways large-scale electricity customers in California, New York, and Massachusetts can save money with energy storage systems:

  • Lower Demand Charges: Customers who pay a significant portion of their electricity bill in demand charges – charges that are calculated based on the customer’s peak kilowatt demand in the billing cycle, rather than by how many kilowatt-hours they use – can use battery storage technology to reduce demand at peak times.
  • Time-of-Use Optimization: Customers on time-of-use rates who have a significant difference in the price for electricity during peak and non-peak times can use a battery to shift their demand away from the most expensive hours.
  • Reduced Capacity Charges: Some customers pay a significant annual peak capacity charge – either directly, or through their competitive suppliers – which is calculated based on their electricity demand during just the small number of hours in the year when overall electricity demand is highest. These customers can discharge their battery during those hours to minimize peak capacity charges.
  • Power Factor Correction: Many commercial and industrial (C&I) customers often operate at a sup-optimal power factor, which means they pay for more energy than they actually use. A commercial-scale battery can “clean up” a customer’s power factor, preventing needless waste.

Why install a battery storage system now?

The economics for energy storage have never been better, and the way to get the best deal on your energy storage project is to take advantage of early-stage incentive levels.

In an effort to accelerate the adoption of smart grid investments in states like California, Massachusetts, and New York, regulators and lawmakers have made incentives available for energy storage systems and hybrid solar + battery solutions. Unfortunately, as was true in the early stages of solar adoption, the incentives for battery storage projects are limited, scheduled to decline in value over time until they’re gone, and may or may not be superseded by less generous programs as the market continues to mature and expand.

Customers can maximize the benefits of their energy storage projects by being ready to participate in incentive programs as early as possible. As markets and policies that support them mature, less and less costs will be absorbed by public investments.

Borrego Solar has the resources, skills, and track record of developing large and utility-scale distributed energy projects to ensure a thorough, professional, smooth, and successful energy storage system implementation. While energy storage entails a number of unique technical elements and challenges, its electrical similarities to our core solar product means that our world-class distributed energy capabilities equip us to deliver the same reliability, quality, and customer experience our customers know and expect.

“From project development through commissioning; the company’s attention to detail, engineering sophistication, and depth of experience with distributed energy was evident. Borrego Solar is the kind of capable partner National Grid will look for as we continue our advances in solar connectivity, energy storage and other distributed energy resources for our customers.

Fouad Dagher, P.E., Director NES Customer Solutions, National Grid

For more than 35 years, Borrego Solar has stood for excellence in every aspect of solar design, construction, grid integration, operations, and maintenance. Now, we bring that experience and expertise to the same scope of services for energy storage systems.

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