Why Borrego Solar?

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A Long-Term Revenue Stream

We partner with property owners to develop solar projects that result in a long-term revenue stream through a land or rooftop lease.

We partner with land and building owners to develop profitable solar projects on their property. We make the process easy by taking care of all permitting, entitlement, and interconnection efforts. Our project developers work with local community representative, and communicate the many benefits of locating a quiet and safe solar tenant in their town.

What does solar development entail?

Whether you have a single site or a portfolio of properties, we work with property owners and their representatives to identify unused land and expansive rooftops ideal for leasing to a PV system owner. Typically these relationships start with an option agreement that eventually results in a long term lease or purchase of the property.

“When choosing an EPC or developer to work with, we focus on those that don’t just announce projects, but actually put steel in the ground. Borrego Solar comes with a unique combination of development, engineering, construction and finance experience that allows them to breathe new life into stranded mid-stage projects and turns them into high-value financeable assets that meet strict investment standards. Borrego Solar is a low-risk partner for independent power producers like sPower.

Ryan Creamer, CEO, sPower

Why work with Borrego Solar?

Not all sites are ideal for solar, and Borrego Solar’s ability to efficiently identify and develop a land parcel or rooftop that can host a PV installation is what sets us apart from the competition. With more flexible net energy metering programs in place, it’s no longer required to construct a solar installation at the same location where the energy is going to be consumed.

By decoupling the solar site from the customer buying the energy credits, the benefits of solar are now available to more energy users. Finding the ideal site, and connecting the property owner to a viable investor is what we do best.

How do we develop solar sites?

Our project developers approach each site with caution, because we know how many variables need to match up before a project can proceed. We perform our due diligence early with the utility and local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) so we don’t waste anyone’s time on a project that’s ultimately not financeable.

“During the feasibility, design, construction and commissioning stages, we found Borrego to be a stellar contractor. We would recommend Borrego Solar to any commercial facility considering going solar.”

Greg Koch, CEO, Stone Brewing Co

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