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  • Over 35 Years Solar Experience
  • Over 1,100 Completed Projects
  • Over 500MW Under Management
  • Over $500M in Financed PPAs

Three Reasons Why our Solar O&M Services Bring Unique & Unparalleled Value

We offer solar operations and maintenance (O&M) soup to nuts with comprehensive maintenance and support packages, the scope of which can be customized to meet your specific needs.

1. Make More Revenue per Kilowatt

“Borrego Solar has consistently provided us with the highest quality operational management. The Borrego O&M team has gone above and beyond by not just solving operational issues, but providing pro-active solutions before problems occur. Our portfolio covers a wide range of system sizes, locations, layouts and major equipment providers; Borrego has the scope and expertise to manage every type of installation.

Phil Williams, Director of Asset Management, Ahana Renewables

The Borrego Solar (O&M) team’s job is to optimize your solar investment, and we do it well. Our assets have historically generated 104% of modeled performance. When we take over operation of an asset, its performance improves.

  • The goal is to improve system performance and increase the revenue per kilowatt.
  • Our unique support network allows us to respond to plant failures fast—within hours.
  • We monitor your solar power plant constantly and analyze it daily for underperformance issues, down to details like soiling detection and tracker calibration. Our system performance team identifies cues that typically precede underperforming assets, so we fix problems before they can even start.
  • With mobile conferencing and remote computer control, we give technicians direct access to your site when they can’t be there in person.
  • Each site has a customized preventive maintenance plan executed by Borrego Solar electricians with years of solar experience.
  • We’ll give you the highest possible inverter uptime percentages. Our fleet averages more than 99% uptime (availability).

2. Spend Less Time Managing Your Assets

Our comprehensive services allow you to spend less time managing your solar assets.

  • Your account manager regularly checks in with you to discuss your asset’s performance, as well as your specific needs, questions, and concerns.
  • You get a detailed case summary report every time we visit your site to resolve or prevent a problem.
  • You receive maintenance reports and photo documentation promptly after every scheduled maintenance visit.
  • There are two professionals devoted to monitoring your solar plant: an O&M field electrician, and a system performance group professional who monitors the data acquisition system (DAS).
  • You get quarterly reports summarizing production, major issue resolution, previous quarter site activity, and scheduled activity for the upcoming quarter.

3. Benefit From Superior Solar Expertise

“Borrego’s electricians in California are wonderful to work with. For emergency work, I get pictures and detailed write-ups the next day. They follow-up on warranty replacement parts without me having to remind them. And they make recommendations to keep our systems up and running as profitably as possible. They always seem to be able to do what I need them to do, when I need them to do it.”

Cari Helberg, Asset Manager, Ecos Energy

You get the unmatched solar experience and expertise of the Borrego Solar team. For more than 35 years, Borrego Solar has stood for excellence in every aspect of institutional, commercial and industrial solar design, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), operation, and maintenance (O&M). With over 350 MWs of capacity under management, our solar technicians skillset is constantly evolving. The variety of system design techniques and technology applications means they spend less time troubleshooting an issue, because we’ve seen it before.

  • The significant purchasing power of our EPC business with a suite of major brands allows us to negotiate and minimize complicated warranty issues.
  • Your complex site problems are supported by the entire Borrego Solar team, including our licensed electrical, structural, and civil engineers. With these services in-house, we can engineer and implement solutions faster than the typical O&M provider or electrical contractor.
  • You will be supported by an O&M management team with a combined 25+ years of solar O&M experience, and an unmatched track record of solar service, performance, and expertise.
  • You can count on Borrego Solar being here for you for the long haul, thanks to our proven track record of stability, profitability, and steady sustainable growth.
  • Our large fleets and manpower in the markets we serve give us scale so we can provide our services at a competitive price.

We offer development O&M services to system owners and utilities throughout the U.S. To find out more about how our commercial solar O&M services can help you get the most out of your solar solution, contact us.

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